When choosing fonts one is bludgeoned into a world of almost endless possibilities; there are so many fonts! You could make up any word – Fugaz, for example – and almost guarantee someone, somewhere has designed a font called 'Fugaz'.

As designers, we use our experience and nous to choose fonts we believe make sense for a particular job but, such is the subjective nature of typefaces, clients may not always agree with those choices. Just as one man's Cheddar is another man's Camembert, one man's Gill Sans can be another man's Optima.*

However, a more collaborative approach, between designer and client, towards font selection can lead to some fresh and innovative results.


* It must be said, however, that Gill Sans has been scientifically proven to be far superior to Optima, though I must confess to finding Gill Sans Bold a smidgen too Bold.

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